Jeremy Hammersley MNCH (reg.), HPD

A bit about me.

My name is Jeremy, around 20 years ago my life changed. I started to suffer from panic attacks. At first I didn't know they were panic attacks, I thought that I was having a heart attack. It was only after the same thing happening several times more that I discovered what was actually happening to me.

It took a long while for me to find a way to understand and eventually start to overcome the feelings of dread that I had been suffering from. I felt like I was the only one that could feel the way I did but I eventually started to learn that there were other people out there that were suffering in the same way. I tried many different ways to try and overcome the attacks and eventually I found a combination of things that worked for me. As I got better I made a promise to myself that I must be able to help other people that suffered alone in the same way.

I have always been interested in different types of therapy, my mother was a herbalist and I have spent many years around people that practiced everything from reflexology to hypnotherapy. That is why I decided to get myself trained as a hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner so that I could help others with their issues.

Since then I have become a a fully qualified hypnotherapist and am registered with the NCH (National council for hypnotherapy). I hold both my hypnotherapist practitioners diploma as well as my NLP practitioners diploma. Together they allow me to use a variety of techniques to help clients overcome many issues that may be effecting their lives.

If you're not sure exactly what you want or need, give me a call. I'll be happy to talk to you and see which is the best way forward for you, all calls taken in strictest confidence.

I help as many people as I can in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Kesgrave, Martlesham and all across the Suffolk and Essex.